Our Story

Mntn & Moon began in 2015 with co-founders Denise and Elixandra. We are currently based in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

The Beginning of Mntn & Moon 

The inspiration for Mntn & Moon was born after spending time in Central Mexico where we acquired some beautiful handmade items to take back home with us. There was one item, however, that was being used every day, year round - a falsa blanket. We decided to share them with you for winter days, summer nights, and everything in between. 

Mntn & Moon

Our Vision

Mntn & Moon has since evolved into a brand inspired by our own experiences in travel and the outdoors.

Our vision is to offer quality goods that will inspire others to travel, explore and discover something new: 

  1. Made in USA: We believe in the positive impact on families, local economies, and ethical working standards that comes from a Made in USA product.
  2. Collaborations: We look forward to partnering up with other great brands that align with our vision.
  3. Artisan-Made: We are teaming up with artisans and craftsmen to bring you small batch, carefully crafted goods from around the world.  

Our Mission:

To offer functional and stylish adventure goods for every journey. 

My Moon Is Your Moon

Now that you’ve heard our story we would love for you to share yours!

We encourage you to join us on Instagram (@MntnAndMoon) and use the hashtag #MyMoonIsYourMoon to share your recent travel and outdoor experiences with our growing community.


Want to collaborate? Are you a blogger, photographer or social media influencer? Hit us up here or e-mail us at hello@mntnandmoon.com